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This treatment is based on the concept of cleansing, exfoliation, toning, melanin inhibition, rejuvenation and protection. Melanin decides our complexion. This fairness treatment instantly inhibits melanin production in the skin, lightens the pigmentation patches, improves complexion and soothes the skin.It is suitable for all skin types except sensitive and acne prone skin. Can be repeated every15 days. Step1: LEEYA FAIRNESS CLEANSING GEL 100 gm
Take appropriate amount of LEEYA FAIRNESS CLEANSING GEL and apply evenly on clean wet face. Massage gently with soft hands in upward circular strokes from 4 to 7 minutes. Remove with damp cotton. Step2: LEEYA FAIRNESS SCRUBBING GEL 100 gm After cleansing, apply LEEYA FAIRNESS SCRUBBING GEL and massage with tip of the fingers for 5 minutes from neck to face in circular movements then rinse off with normal water. Please do the massage with light pressure against the face. Step3: LEEYA DERMA REFRESHING TONER 100 ml For Dry to oily skin Anti oxidant and Refreshing . LEEYA DERMA REFRESHING TONER restores the natural skin pH, hydrates the skin, rich antioxidants repair the skin and reduce the ageing effects. Post treated skin with toner gives a smooth skin as appearance of enlarged pores decreases. Spray LEEYA DERMA REFRESHING TONER minimum 4-5 times on the face. Then dab the face gently with soft tissue paper and leave for 1 minute. Step4: LEEYA SKIN LIGHTENING PACK 100 gm LEEYA SKIN LIGHTENING PACK has been formulated to remove epidermal sun tan from all the parts of body. This can be used for removing blackness from armpits, elbows, arms and knees also. This cream unlike bleach can also be used around eyes for reducing dark circles. Take appropriate quantity of LEEYA SKIN LIGHTENING PACK and apply a thin layer evenly on the face and affected area. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Then remove with water by giving light massage for 1 minute. Step5A: LEEYA FAIRNESS MASSAGE GEL 100 gm (Only for oily skin without acne) Please perform this step only for oily skin without acne. Skip this step in case of normal and dry skin types. Apply LEEYA FAIRNESS MASSAGE GEL on neck to face and massage for 10 minutes in circular motions. Don’t clean with water or cotton after massage. Step5B: LEEYA FAIRNESS MASSAGE CREAM 100 gm (Only for dry and normal skin without acne) Please perform this step only for dry and normal skin without acne. Skip this step in case of oily skin types. Apply LEEYA FAIRNESS MASSAGE CREAM from neck to face and massage for 15 minutes in upward circular movements. Perform this step from normal to dry skin. In case of dry skin add 2 to 3 drops of silicon oil (serum). Don’t clean with water or cotton after massage.  Step6: LEEYA FAIRNESS WASH OFF MASK 100 gm After performing Step 5A or 5B, apply with massage the thick layer of LEEYA FAIRNESS WASH OFF MASK with light massage, directly on the face without removing cream or gel. Let the mask rest on the face till it dries.   After drying remove mask with normal water. Step7: LEEYA FAIRNESS SERUM 10 ml Mix 2 to 3 drops in the cream for extra moisture in case of dry skin.Step8: LEEYA SUN SHIELD SPF LOTION 100 gm Sun Screen Fairness Lotion with Spf 30 For normal to oily skin pH bacanced. This lotion soothes and nourishes the skin with its herbal ingredients and protects the skin from harmful solar UV radiations. It gives fair and glowing skin upon regular usage. This product is formulated with oil free ingredients and gives an oil free texture to your skin upon application. SPF 30 in the lotion forms a protective layer on your skin and protects your skin for 6 hours. Reapply this lotion after every 6 hours or as per your sun exposure. Apply a thin layer of LEEYA SUN SHIELD SPF LOTION with light massage before going outside. This will protect the treated skin from the UV rays and damage from heat.

Weight-700 GM+110 ML

Skin Whitening
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